Bombshells in Bloom and Body by Victoria

Bombshells in Bloom and Body by Victoria3

The very first of both fragrances is Bombshells in Bloom, which proceeds the Bombshell collection ‘with an unpredictable and appealing make-up’– as revealed by the brand name. Bombshell in Bloom is a fresher model of the original, granted version with sharp flower notes that will make you gorgeous today, tomorrow and consistently”.

Bombshells in Bloom and Body by Victoria2
The composition supplies an unique mixture of pink freesia, red apple and water lily flowers. The accent lies on flower accords while fruity notes add to juiciness.

Bombshells in Bloom amounts to the previous editions Bombshell in Paradise from 2013 in light blue, striped flacon and Bombshell crazy from 2012 in pale pink, candy striped flacon. Minimal edition Bombshell crazy was just like Bombshells in Bloom introduced around Valentine’s Day and is inspired by this holiday.

Bombshells in Bloom and Body by Victoria1

Bombshells in Bloom is offered in glass flacon with pink red stripes with a charming flower on the neck, in the amount of 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum, while the coming with variety offers scented physical body lotion 200ml, perfumed physical body spray 250ml and a ring with solid perfume as limited edition. Your house of Victoria’s Secret has readied a present established which includes scented physical body cream 100ml, perfumed bath 100ml, body scent 150ml and gift bag.

The 2nd scent that was introduced is Body by Victoria and it is revealed as a new edition by Victoria’s Secret. Nevertheless, this scent has the exact same name as the editions from 2002 and 2012 (Body by Victoria 2002, Body by Victoria 2012). The brand-new Body by Victoria released on February 14th 2014 consists of notes of smashed leaves, freesia and water hyacinth (advising us of the green make-up from 2002). The fragrance shows up in glass flacon with a pink bow, as 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Bombshells in Bloom and Body by Victoria

The coming with selection of Body by Victoria features perfumed cream 200ml, physical body fragrance 200ml and present set as a limited edition which includes fragrant cream 100ml, scented bath 100ml, body fragrance 150ml and pink bag. All products are readily available on the official website Victoria’s Secret.

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